SCHOOL FOR THE STUDY OF INTUITION - TEACHING OF VALUES - NGO in special consultative status with the United Nations, 2020

General Inspectorate of Justice (IGJ) Resolution 757/11


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Years Teaching Values and the Intuition Mechanism


In year 2000, Carlos Conti taught free of charge.

He trained his disciples to become Intuition Teachers and in 2002 they began to teach the Community, also free of charge.

EDEI Escuela del Estudio de la Intuición (School for the Study of Intuition) is born to be dedicated to teaching Moral Values through Intuition for free. Our teaching has always been and will always be free of charge.

Our School has grown with the motto: "Moral Values are not exchanged for material goods", this is our behavior guiding principle in agreement with what we teach.

Back in 2011, at the time of registering in the General Inspectorate of Justice, we opted for the legal form of organization closest to the legitimacy of our work.

This is why EDEI is a non-profit civil association. 

EDEI - School for
the Study of Intuition

AEDI - High Intuition Studies

Our activities in support of the work of the United Nations

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